BV Series Valves: Forged Body Valves Available with a Wide Variety of Options:

Custom made forged metal seated ball valves made from various materials. Valve components are hard surfaced at Copeland Industries. Structural and actuation options. Available in uni- and bi-directional versions.

Isolation Valves

Sizes 1/2" - 20"
150-4500# ANSI

Available in a wide range of alloys and trim packages for the following industries:


- Boiler Feed Pump
- Bottom Ash
- Cold Reheat Drain
- Control Valve
- Economizer
- Feed Water Heater
- Isolation Steam to Pulverizer
- Main Steam Reheat
- Spray Soot Blower
- Steam Drum Instrument


- Reforming
- Gasification
- FCCU Catalyst Isolation
- Hydro-Processing
- Hydrogen Isolation
- Heavy Oil
- Catalyst Slurry

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